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Mylopotamos Kythira 80100 Tel. +30 27360 31942 - 31952 Fax. +30 27360  31952
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Location - Kythira - Mylopotamos

Mylopotamos is located in the centre of the island, and it is a green village with many sightseeings. Start your tour from the square of the village, (Athena Hotel, abstains 300m), with the old plane-tree, the church of Saint Charalampous with the splendid bell and the church of Saint Sozontos.  Follow the signs and proceed down in the waterfall and be amazed from the magic of the landscape. Continue walking, and you will find yourself in the splendid ravine with the watermills which unfortunately do not function anymore. Continue your tour in Kato Chora and admire the architecture of houses, (National Polytechnic University sends students to make studies about the architecture of Kato Chora). You will still see the English school and the Venetian Castle with the Byzantine churches. After the castle the route takes you to Limniona where you will find signs that lead to the cavern of Saint Sofia. The cavern has view faraway to the sea. Admire the landscape, by entering in the cavern you can see the church of Saint Sofia from which it took its name. Advancing you will admire the stalactites and the stalagmites with splendid colours     (we recommend you to have sneakers).

Continue your way from the central street to Limniona and will find yourself in one calm gulf with crystal blue waters. Through the village in the other way, you take the street that leads to Virgin Mary the Orphan, a monastery built at the edge of the rock. Nature, the dingle and the view up to the sea, will leave speechless. For those who are brave we propose the Kalami beach , you will find it if after your return from Virgin Mary the Orphan you turn on the left. The access is difficult but the beach is fantastic. Do not omit to pay a visit to the Byzantine temple of Saint Peter in Araious, the plenty green landscape will amaze you.